JVC system and ipod

When I plug my ipod into the system, the letters JVC show on the ipod screen and I cannot access the music/artists/etc on the ipod until I unplug it. I figure it’s a setting that I don’t have correct. Could anyone help?

The way that normally works is that when you plug it in, whatever you plugged it into has control over the iPod. So it should be your stereo that you use to control the iPod. There might be a setting on the stereo that just channels the music being played, but you’ll have to check the manual for the stereo.

If you have a lot of stuff on your iPod it might take a while for the radio to sync if you use the USB cable. I found it a lot easier to use the headphone jack on the iPod and plug it into the jack on the front so it’s ready to go immediately. That will also let you use the iPod to search for music etc, allowing you to hold it closer to eye level rather than looking down and fiddling with the radio. =)

Right, when you connect your iPod to a stereo that has iPod functionality it will show the brand of the stereo (or make of car if it’s a factory system) on the screen and the iPod is controlled through the car stereo. On your JVC, when you plug your iPod in, find a “source” button on the stereo and push it to cycle through FM, AM, CD, etc. until you find iPod, and then go from there. If you select a song on your iPod and have it playing BEFORE plugging it in to your stereo it should start automatically playing that song, and continue in whatever playlist you picked the song from.

I have a JVC KD-R820BT and an 80-gig iPod Classic. Side note: once every so often (couple of times a month maybe) the JVC hangs up when selecting the iPod and it just flashes “loading” indefinitely. Turning the stereo off and on cures it.