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Just wondering

I have a bad problem and its getting worse the older I get (narcolepsy) any suggestions as how to keep the Sandman at bay during the day?-Kevin

Hi Kev
Welcome to the club…If it seems out of control and something that keeps you awake at night, it might be worth it to go first to your primary care for a simple prescription as needed and an early diagnosis. As I get older, I find myself using Ibuprofin PM as a mild sleep aid at night to make sure I am awake during the day. It could be as simple as your eating habits or more complicated by aging disorders. But for sure, if it’s raising havoc with your quality of life and totally out of your control, I would urge you to see your doctor.

If it is bad enough that it bothers you, see a doctor.

Has your doctor been testing your blood sugar on a regular basis?

I’ve found the afternoon nap to now be a needed more and more. And now it’s even easier with cell phones…I just set the alarm and don’t need to worry about the clock. I’ll set a twenty minute alarm but often awaken in ten minutes completely refreshed.

A piece of logic that gets lost on many long drives as one begins to nod off. A short nap would fix everything but the mind does not go there.

@kmccune, @jtsanders is right. We wish you the best of health so you don’t miss any opportunities to contribute during the day. I’m glad you felt you could ask, but unfortunately we’re probably not the folks who can best help you with this issue. Now, if your car conks out unpredictably during the day…that’s a different story!

Let this be a PSA to make sure you all get your bodies the scheduled maintenance they need.