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Just replaced radiator and valve cover gasket

My friend who is a mechanic just replaced my valve cover gasket and put in a new radiator. I took off the radiator cap and saw this. The fluid looked funky too. Any idea what that is? Thanks!

Looks like fresh universal green coolant

Dumb question - Have you asked your mechanic friend this question ?

Can the OP please clarify exactly what he is concerned about?

Same here. I don’t see anything that stands out as unusual.

Sorry everyone, the white sediment is what I was wondering about.

Sorry, the white sediment

The car was still getting close to overheating with the replaced radiator as well. Any thoughts on what else to do?

thermostat comes to mind

How about giving us a LOT more information . . . ?!

You told us the coolant and valve cover gasket was replaced, and nothing else




Thank you for your responses! This is a 1994 chrysler lebaron that I bought about a month ago. It was leaking coolant and oil so my friend (a mechanic) and another mechanic both said it needed a new radiator and valve cover gasket. My friend replaced the radiator, thermostat and valve cover gasket. He also changed the oil and coolant.

Please clarify that

Is the needle in the red danger zone?

Are the electric cooling fans engaging?

It was getting close to the red zone, so I started blasting the heat. And I am not sure if the fan is running when it gets hot, but I checked it with the A/C on when I parked and it runs.

Is the white sediment anything to worry about?

The white sediment is from the coolant reservoir, I usually remove the reservoir and rise it out when replacing the coolant but that is not the cause of your engine running hot.

Considering you’ve replaced the radiator, coolant and thermostat, I’d say the next step is to perform a block test

This tool isn’t that expensive, and it’s cheaper than paying for an hour of diagnosis

You DID bleed all the air out of the cooling system, yes?

I’m asking, because some engines have a bleeder screw . . . I’m not too familiar with the Lebaron

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Which engine?

Does this car have 1 or 2 fans ?