Jumpstarting Car With Additional Bolted on Cable Blocking Terminal


This is probably a simple question, but unfortunately I was never taught and am at a loss so I apologize.

I am needing to jumpstart a car and the positive terminal has another cable bolted on (pic attached) that will not allow me to attach the jumper cable clamp. I am assuming I need to remove this first(?) Are there any additional steps or is there another way that I am missing?

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Can’t you clamp the jumper cable clamp across from the battery post to smaller connection?


The terminals look corroded. I’d remove both of them and clean them, then reassemble them. Then you should have access to the nut/bolt pointing to the right.


In the heading this vehicle is listed as Honda Civic Hybrid. I don’t know but is there a risk or certain things that need to be done before jumping a Hybrid vehicle .

They’re trying to jump a STARTING battery.


first clean the crud off. then loosen the nut on the top a little and then pull the cable away from the post and retighten.


I am concerned by the OP’s question. Properly removing cables and jump-starting a battery take more experience and thought than the OP demonstrates. The OP needs to get experienced help.

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The OP is trying to jump start the car.

Not the battery

That means you can’t jump start a car with battery cables disconnected.


I agree. My response was to the suggestion that the cable connections needed to be cleaned. The OP may not know that disconnecting and connecting cables should be done in a specific order, and that it might be quite useful to use the device that preserves the codes. The OP was confused by the second cable at the positive connection.

Why not if the cables go to the battery of the donor car?

Just clamp the cable to the hex nut on the bottom left. Removing cleaning the cables and clamps and re-tightening them is a seperate issue . I would add a coat of petroleum jelly also.

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Why can’t you clamp the jumper cable from the bolt on the right all the way across to the left? The connections are so dirty that it will take some wiggling to get a usable connection to the jumper cables.

My warning to the OP comes because he did not recognize that there was no problem. Therefore, I suspect he does not know the proper safety procedures to use jumper cables.


Thanks all for input – I learned a lot.

I took the time to clean the battery terminals (wire brush and cleaner) and all even though I realized later I could get the clamps on the cables around any part of the metal and jumping would work without moving wires.

All is working now, so thanks again!


Great news!

If that 12V battery . . . group 51R, if memory serves . . . is more than a few years old, just replace it and be done with it

Costco has excellent battery prices and a no-questions asked replacement policy, in case you’re a member

And I do believe they have 51R batteries in stock

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