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Jumpstart a battery

Can I jump start a car battery if the lights and dashboard in the car work but the engine doesn’t want to turn over? Will it cause any damage to the battery?

This dash lights don’t always indicate the battery’s ability to start your car. Starting requires much more from the battery. Make sure you have someone with experience in jumping a car battery do it for you. Call AAA if you can.


Your best alternative is to hook a portable battery charger…make sure its a slow charge.

@Michelle234 If you are asking this question you should just play it safe. Most wrecker services will use a battery pack to jump start your vehicle for about $25.00. That is less expensive then doing it wrong and destroying a $100.00 battery.

I’d jump start it, yes. That’s what jumper cables are for, right?

I answered your other question. Try what I suggested or, if you have no tools at all, try twisting around the clamp where the battery cables attach to the battery, with your hand. You’ve got bad contact between the cable ends and the battery.