Jumping Toyota 4Runner



I have a '98 4Runner that is making a clicking noise and won’t turn over. I was going to try to jump it first but my battery, DieHard Gold 33035, doesn’t indicate which is the + or -. I’ve cleaned it off… nothing! Is the grounded wire the negative terminal? Secondly, I can’t find anyone to fix just the connections, they all want to replace the starter. I don’t have tools/knowledge to do this myself. I live in the Seattle area and a single woman. HELP!


Yes, the grounded wire is negative.
You can get a basic voltmeter for $10-20. That will tell polarity for certain and answer a lot of other electrical questions down the road.
Can you give more detail about which connections need fixing?
Tools and knowledge can be acquired.


The negative terminal on all modern cars goes to the chassis of the car. If you do jump start the car, be certain to connect the positive terminal of the donor vehicle to the positive terminal of your 4Runner. Connect the negative terminal of the donor car to some point on the engine block, away from the battery.

If you are in to spending about $10, you can buy a terminal puller and wire terminal brush at an auto parts store. Disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive terminal. When you have cleaned the connections, reconnect the positive termnal first and then connect the negative terminal.


If it starts with a jump ask friends for good local repair shop, not chain or trans-tire shop.
You can also go to top of this site-click car info,click mechanics files, click find put in zip.
Call them up and ask them what they charge to clean battery posts, also have them slit coating on hot wire 3 inches and look for corrosion which is a common problem. After they are clean it will take them 5 minutes or less to see if it worked of if battery-alt is bad


The last positive ground car I have seen was a 1965 Sumbeam Imp. Yes, your car is a negative ground. Good for you for knowing the difference. Also good for you for asking questions. I can’t really add anything other than I agree with the recommendations offered.