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Juke Service vs Safety Recall

How is potential failure of Timing Chain NOT a Safety Recall?

I guess it depends on how it fails.

If it’s like an ignition module or an ignition switch that may fail instantaneously, completely, and without warning or symptom, then I suppose an argument could be made that it’s a safety issue, because your car stalling in the wrong place could be dangerous.

If the chain makes a rattling noise for weeks, then the car has a check engine light with a variable timing fault code, then the car starts to run rough and lack power, and then finally quits a month later, then it’s not a safety issue. It’s a driver issue.

@Mink–Could you elaborate please?
Jukes haven’t been on the market for that long a period of time, so if timing chains on this model are already failing, I think that the veterans of this forum would like to know the details.

Did your timing chain break?
How many miles were on the odometer at that point?
Were there tell-tale rattling noises prior to the break, and–if so–how long after you began hearing those noises did the chain break?


“Nissan is set to announce a voluntary recall of the 2011 to 2013 Juke due to a fault with the timing chain. 104,439 units are affected by this recall. The timing chain in some Jukes could deteriorate over time, leading to a warning light in the instrument cluster. In extreme cases, the chain could snap.Owners of affected vehicles are being notified, and will need to report to their local dealership. The free repairs will replace the timing chain, chain guides and crank sprocket.”

Are you interested in calling it a “Safety Recall” so you can get the lawyers involved?

Nissan may not have gotten around to it yet. I think they will though. In 2011, 16 of the 17 complaints to NHTSA for the Juke engine were a broken timing chain. If you are not reimbursed for the work now, I think you will be in the future. Note that the dealer cannot pay for the problem if the manufacturer refuses to. BTW, what year is your Juke and how many miles on it?