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Juice spill in car gear shifts

I spilled juice in my gears and it is hard to move it and make a loud cracking noise my car is 2005 Buick LaCrosse I don’t know how to work on cars but I’ve tried pouring more things on it like windex and WD40 but it still lock up

You’ll need to hire a shop mechanic to take that part of the console section apart and clean the workings. Suggest to discontinue the pouring of solvents etc , likely to make the cleanup process more time consuming and therefore more expensive. And you could damage an electrical connector or part in that area.

Totally agree.

And I should add that you’re in good company. B-52 bombers have a switchbox in a console between the pilot and copilot seats that operates the automatic flight controls. Between the switch levers are metal “rungs” designed to be stepped on to enter the pilot & copilot seats without damaging the switches. The pilot & copilot often put their drinks on these switchboxes, and when the aircraft return the switchboxes often have to be removed, opened up, and cleaned thoroughly to get them working again.

So you’re in the company of people who fly B-52 Bombers! Classy company, I think. :rofl:


Years ago there was a pretty good movie about that topic. Not as applied to B52’s , but to a commercial airliner. As I recall the plot was there was a crash on one of the airlines flights, killed a bunch of passengers, and nobody could understand why. So they hired a crash investigator He decided to re-run the prior flight that crashed, as a test flight, same flight plan, sane time of day, etc, same make and model but different plane of course. One of the stewardesses survived the first crash, so he asked her to come along on the second to show him exactly what happened. She showed how right after takeoff she handed the pilot a cup of coffee … well, you can probably figure out what happened next. The plane makes a turn, the coffee spills. The test flight is now heading into a crash b/c the coffee has spilled into the test flights console and shorted out the controls too …

Here it is, “Fate Is The Hunter” … 1964

Even worse outcome in Glenn Ford movie “Fate is the Hunter”

Had a guy bring in an old Volvo once that would run but would belch black smoke and barely wheeze along. It was fine one minute; garbage the next. I like to never have figured that one out.

The guy was a traveling saleman and the car was littered with junk. The ECM was underneath the passenger front seat…
He had chunked a small can of Donald Duck orange juice into the passenger floor. The can had rolled back underneath the seat and the spoonful of remaining juice in the can had leaked onto the ECM connector.

Some juice had gotten inside the ECM and onto the printed circuit board. The acid in the juice badly etched a fingernail sized area of the PC board and it caused the injectors to open and never close with the engine running.
New ECM fixed that one right up…

This happened to my friend once. Somehow his mother managed to spill honey down inside the shifter of their Grand Cherokee. The dealer had to pull it apart and clean it up. Ever since then, the mechanics all knew it as the Honey Jeep.

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The good news is that the cracking you hear is probably just sticky sugar-goo cracking apart as you break it by moving the shift lever.

The bad news is that if you keep dumping liquids down there trying to get rid of the juice, you’re going to fry something. I agree with everyone else - get it into the shop for a disassembly and cleaning.