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Am I being taken

As my luck would have it I left a large cup of redbull and lemonade on gearshift area. I forgot it in car. Someone hit my car parked in street. When I found my car hit and no note I was upset. I noticed there my drink spilled. U don’t know how much went into gearshift. I then couldn’t put windowed down smelled funny dash lights went on and car stalled. I am told that the wires all got shorted? Does this sound right. Ugh wish I didn’t leave it where I did.

Are you filing an insurance claim for this? I’m not sure if the liquid could be responsible for the specific issues you mention, although it’s possible if it got into something like a body control module. Regardless, the claim should cover these issues.

It would help to know what kind of car you have.

I didn’t make insurance claim. When I saw my car I was mad as I would have left a note. I didn’t call police as its New York. When I started car the electric Windows didn’t work and while driving I smelt something. Just seems strange that there is this much damage.

It’s a ml 500 2002 with 109 k miles

I assume you’ve had this car to some kind of repair shop. What type of shop was it? Saying that all the wires got shorted doesn’t really sound like a precise diagnosis to me. What was proposed for the fix and how much will that cost?

That is more than just a gear shift level, it is called “Electronic selector lever module”. It contains sensors, switches and solenoids and is connected to the BUS communication system, don’t pour beverages into it.

It’s at the dealer. I didn’t pour anything. I left a cup in the shifter area. Took it out of cup holder got distracted and left it. I assume when car was it cup fell as it wasn’t left in best place. Dealer said it was 3400 to fix Gear shifter module and a security module only dealer can fix.

Hoo boy. The Germans have questionable electronics to begin with before liquid spills enter the picture.

Yeah, I can definitely see the car’s electrical systems going haywire after something like this. The gear shift module and the security module wouldn’t be wires. They’re little self-contained computers. If you pour liquid in a computer, it’s gonna short out and you’re gonna have to replace stuff (and I know you didn’t physically pour the liquid yourself, but it still got in there and the results are the same).

It’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion on a job this expensive, but it doesn’t seem at all out of the ordinary for a big liquid spill to cause problems like this.


When I worked at the Benz dealer, spilled drinks was the primary reason that the esm got replaced

If the dealer says it needs to be replaced, you are not “being taken”

And yes, the esm is quite expensive

as far as the power windows, the window switches pretty much surround the shifter, so if red bull ruined the esm, you can bet it also did a number on the switches.

You might consider filing a claim . . . but I don’t know if you have comprehensive insurance for an 16-year old vehicle? I’m assuming besides the esm, there’s also body damage

This isn’t your fault. If that jerk hadn’t slammed your vehicle, you wouldn’t have this expensive problem.


Does that mean you do not have full coverage insurance ? If you do have comprehensive and collision then do file a claim._

I have opened this car since 2005 lucky when I changed insurance companies a few years ago I purchased what I always had on car. Guess I will make claim hope insurance doesn’t try to weasel out. Thank you all
I didn’t make claim because I didn’t want insurance to go up.

That’s what you get for drinking that Red Bull stuff. To me Red Bull is just a way to ruin a good nap!!!



your insurance might cover a $3400 repair? but you dont want higher rates? someone is going to pay. your rates might not go up. i thought comp claims were treated differently than collision claims.

Coffee could do it too, “Fate is the Hunter”.

You might be surprised at what insurers cover. I was pulling the windshield wipers off my Regal, and used the plastic cowling below it as a rest for a pry bar. I didn’t realize that the cowling covered the bottom of the windshield. Oops. I called my auto insurer and they said they would cover it, even after I explained how I broke it.

OP would apparently consider paying $3400 rather than making an insurance claim because the insurance premiums may increase. If they have comprehensive the repairs could be covered with small or no deductible and no rate increase.

I am making claim I didn’t k ow it was that much. I was thinking it would be less than my deductible

Did you also get body damage ?