Jim's 1989 Buick Century (9/29/07 show)



Funny the car talk guys and this guy thinks the Century is an old person’s car. My son, coincidently named Jim, has a 2002 Century and thinks it is one of the greatest cars. He thinks it is great that when he was transfered from the Seattle Washington area to New London for the Navy, that his Century got 33mpg @ 85mph through those western states. He enjoys the fact that the Century will smoke most of the cafe’ racers the younger guys drive yet has enough room for his friends and a lot of gear.


Ayyyyup. Something to be said for buying utility and not to impress others. Plenty of old people buying those Hondas and Toyotas that all look the same in the parking lot.


Stop me if you heard the joke about the 60/30. Don’t worry, I know you heard it. The sub guy told it to me 25 years ago.


I love big torquey cars. I have had 3 Thunderbirds ('83, '87, '90), roomy, comfortable, 30 MPG in my V6 '90, just cruise along at 80 or 85 and watch the miles fly by. Quality is actually pretty good on some of these big, older rides, too. After I get out of school, I’m going to try to find an '04 Marauder. ( http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/sedans/0208_mercury_marauder/performance.html ) The last of the RWD Impala SS are nice too.

EDIT: The point of that being, I’m 23 and those cars appeal to me. Time for bed…


Cruse along at 85. Am I missing something here, or is that not illegal in 50 states?

This country is worried about illegal aliens who cross the boarder without the proper paperwork yet we don’t flinch at the speeder who is endangering who is breaking a safety regulations and directly endangering the lives of anyone on the road?

Note: I am off topic and I will not respond to comments posted in this tread, nor will I be offended if the cyberbabies delete this message.


Ive seen plenty of young people driving these cars. Mainly I believe, because of their ‘old-people’ stigma, they are often aquired cheaply. Its a great car for a busy College Student.

(BTW, does you or your sons’ Century have a broken or missing front-right or left turn-signal bezel? LOL!!! In my city, I’d say about 80-percent of the Century’s have a busted or missing signal-bezels!!!)