Jiffy lube blew mini cooper's engine now what?

Jiffy lube blew my engine,overhauled it and now they just want me to be satisfied with 6 months warranty.My car’s year is 2003,with 50,000 mileage.What about the value of my car?Will I get the fair market value.My car had been properly maintained by Bmw.I want them to pay for the diminished value of the car.

I agree. I also think they should have bought you a crate engine rather than rebuilding yours. I think your only recourse is through civil court. Contact a lawyer.

You would probably be in a much better position if they had not already overhauled the broken engine.

jiffy lube overhauled your engine? with what an oil filter wrench?

you said you have it serviced,and maintained at the BMW dealer?

is that also bull?

just curious?

nothing adds up.

He probably had it serviced until the warranty ran out. BMW offers FREE oil change while under warranty.

I’m quite sure Jiffy Lube didn’t overhaul the engine. They probably had a shop overhaul it for them. Their mechanics are NOT qualified to do any kind of work beyond oil changes…even that seems too difficult for them.

BMW people have trouble keeping their cars on schedule in regards to oil changes (lot’s of sludge around) even when they have already paid for the service (inclusive in car purchase price).

Wonder what Jiffy did or didn’t do,in regards to the engine damage.

Another case of driving with the oil lighr on?

Of course jiffy lube would not overhaul cars.I did not make myself clear.They sent my car to a local overhaul mechanic.My car was maintained by BMW for free until the warranty just recently expired.Of course without my knowledge,my niece sent t to jiffy Lube.And to be more specific I send my car to the BMW/Mini cooper dealer for maintenance.Thank guys for responding.I’m an inexperienced woman,and hate being in this situation that’s why I always buy a brand new car.Just hate to deal with repairs.I also found out after the fact that jiffy Lube is not BMW certified, and that statement came from them.

Jiffy Lube paid a local overhaul mechanic and wants to give me a 6 months warranty.By the way the oil change was done in the afternoon and the next morning my daughter noted that there seemed to be oil everywhere and then the oil light went on and the engine stalled.

Jiffy Lube still has my car and I suggested for them to find out how much would a used car dealer pay for an overhauled mini cooper and pay me that difference.I just want what’s fair and not be screwed up twice.

I think it’s pretty clear WHY Jiffy Lube is not BMW certified.

What “diminished value”?? The car is worth what the book says it’s worth, no more no less…

“Overhauled” is like “Tune up”, a meaningless term…What EXACTLY was done to the engine to repair it? If you don’t have the car back yet, you probably don’t have those answers…If you are worried about the repairs (and I would be) trade the car as soon as possible and move on.

I’ll second Caddyman. The word “overhaul” can describe 12 ways of doing it with only one of them the proper one.

Who’s to say this “overhaul” was nothing more than a pan drop and a new set of crankshaft bearings; which are not going to last very long more than likely.

You saw oil “everywhere”,started the engine anyway (without checking the oil) ran it with the oil light on until it stalled?

What did Jiffy Lube do or not do that led to “oil everyhere”

Did the filter they installed fail or was it incorrectly installed?

Jiffy Lube says it all! cheap,cheap!!

IF anything, it’s your niece that should be paying for the “diminished value”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Jiffy Lube is only Yugo qualified (US Only).

The value of this car isn’t affected by this event unless you bring it up. If you trade it in at a dealer down the road there’s no reason to tell them. Jiffy lube probably doesn’t see any reason to give you a new engine because the car has 50,000 on it. I wouldn’t expect any further compensation-except from maybe your niece!