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Jet fuel in my truck & tractor?

I have access to J-1 jet fuel that was used to test the fuel for sediment so it can be used in air ambulance helicopters. It goes from the pump to a white-porcelain-lined ss bucket to a high quality gas can. I’ve been told that it’s really a very clean kerosene that will burn in diesel engines, but it has no lubricity to it. One pilot told me it’s safe to use in my truck and tractor if I mix it 50-50 with diesel fuel or add Marvel Mystery Oil. I don’t think I should run it in my 07 Chevy Duramax, but what about in my 6 year old New Holland tractor that has a 35 hp (pto) diesel engine? Is 50/50 J-1/diesel OK? How much MM Oil? Thanks for the help.

JP1 or JP2 are both high grade Kerosene just as your buddy suggests. I cant advise you other than to say, back in the day, when I was in the Air Force and stationed in Germany, we had a guy in our shop who transferred in from the motor pool. He had swapped out his rambler car engine for a 4 cylinder NF2 deisel and ran it on JP2 because gas was so expensive over there. for about 2 years.

Diesels are quite flexible in what they burn; warranty requirements are not. You have too much invested in this truck to think about skimping. Wait til it’s 10 or 15 years old. I wouldn’t think about anything but diesel in my Kubota either. So I’d nix the tractor thought too. Tractors never grow old. Unless you are stuck in the “yukon” and need an emergency only fuel out, I wouldn’t do it. The additives are important and until you find someone here who knows how this mix will affect them, go slow for 1o more years and have fun with the thought…but I wouldn’t do it !

A 50-50 mix should not cause any problems in a diesel engine. During the winter months, a 75-25 ratio should be fine. The engine itself will tell you if it doesn’t like it…A small amount, say 5%, will burn okay in a gasoline engine…

This grade of fuel oil is also called #1 Diesel…

Older diesels could run on almost anything. Modern diesels are a lot more picky about their fuel. I would guess you will be fine with your tractor, but I like the idea of mixing 50/50.

My tractor dealer, whom I’ve dealt with for 2o plus years, wouldn’t take too kindly to it under warranty if he had to deal with the manufacturer on my behalf if I used this mixture; even if was for a seemingly unrelated motor problem. That’s my point. I guess if it’s OK in a truck with this sophisticated Duramax, it’s OK in a Rabbit diesel as well ? (or any for that matter ?) Point being, I’m with Jos. but would not include the tractor either.

You might try it in your kerosene heaters.

Biodiesel has excellent lubricity needed for the injection pump and injectors which jet fuel will not have. I suggest a 2% biodiesel blend.