Jerking 2004 Buick LeSabre

car is running then all of a sudden it jerks then goes on. plus when sitting at a red light sometimes it will serge then quits. it starts back up and goes on. i cant fiqure what it is. i dont think its the fuel.

It could be the idle air control valve . . . I believe this car has one

What year and how many cylinders dose your car have / its most common that its a coil or spark plug wire or the spark plug take it to Auto zone parts place for FREE they will hook up a code reader and tell you at least what cylinder is missing then you can fix it from there. the coils and spark plug wires are very easy to replace on those GM Buick cars.:racing_car:

It’s a 2004 and therefore has the 3.8L V6. Check the title of the thread.

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same as mine a lesabre custom very easy to replace the coils