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Jerk when turning left

So I have an '00 Saturn SW2. I have had trouble with the front passenger bearing going bad in a very short time. It’s gone bad once again, and this is the third time replacing it in the last 15,000mi or so. I thought I had just got unlucky and got bad bearings a couple times, or the mechanic that pressed the bearing into the hub had done a poor job, etc. Now I’m thinking that it must be something else causing the bearing to go bad. A new development is that the car will lurch to the outside while turning left once I’ve turned the steering wheel enough, which is about 15-20° to the left. It feels like wheel leans to a positive camber when this happens, and the car turns more left as if I’d turned the steering wheel another 5° or so. Aside from the slight play from the bearing, I can’t find anything that’s loose, or appears to be shifting. It also doesn’t happen when turning to the right at all.

There should be zero play in the bearing. Zero. The bearing is junk yet again.

I’d suggest a new mechanic. The one you ha e now is not doing this car any favors.


I’ve tried the cheap bearing replacement game just to have to replace them way too early. Now I only use OEM or premium on most all of my replacement parts. The steering problem your having is probably seperate and seems severe enough that it should be easy to find on a hoist.