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Jep's '96 Corolla

I have to disagree with the idea that Jep’s mechanic was dishonest. We have no way to ascertain the truth but there is more than a slight possibility that the nose on the camshaft broke off. I’ve had one break after changing the timing belt. I assumed that the change in the pressure of the belt was enough to cause a problem or exacerbate an existing problem that hadn’t surfaced. It too was with a vehicle with 2XX,XXX miles. The key-way that holds the cog to the cam could also have sheared off for the same reason and bunged up the front of the cam. There’s a pretty good chance that if Jep goes into this shop and accuses them of lying he will be making a fool of himself. This shop took good care of Jep to replace a camshaft and NOT charge him. How many shops would do that? Going in and even suggesting they may be lying with no evidence to back that up is a really bad idea and a less than charitable thing for a man of the cloth to do. Or for anyone to do since ministers are no more or less respectable, kind, charitable etc. than non-ministers. Don’t do it Jep!

I agree. This is an older car with over 200,000 miles. I would give Jep’s mechanic the benefit of the doubt. The tow charge is minor compared to what Jep would have had to pay for a new camshaft and its installation.

I once had a crankshaft break on a vehicle I was driving. They make really nasty noises! Almost as bad as when the spider gear on the transmission goes out. Although the spider gear makes a nicer noise. Much like a steel drum band. Same vehicle, different times, by the way.