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89 corolla fanbelt adjustment

thats all they did was a fanbelt

adjustment --& chged me $40–i think i got ripped off–what do u think? thanx

I agree, but I don’t know who “they” are.

Perhaps if we knew why you took the car to “them” in the first place it would help.

-"they " are a repair shop a couple blks from me & i’ll never go back there again–obviously- so u shouldnt go there either i guess- Norms Auto Repair in springfield, oregon

I understand your anger, but you didn’t tell us why you took the car to the shop.

If you took it in and asked to have a belt tightened, then they overcharged you.

If you took it in for some problem and they had to spend some time diagnosing the cause of the problem, then perhaps $40 is not out of line.

I think I want .5hrs minimum to look at any car for any problem, if you dont want to pay me .5 find a guy that works for beer. or you could buy tools,learn how to do the job yourself, and be The Master of your Universe.

I agree with oldschool.

make my tool payments,the BEER WORKER is an option ,so quit crying its called service.

try the same thing with your plumber,HVAC tech,tax man, ect;ect;

.5 is good for certain things,1.0 for real issues.

we dont show up at work to give you FREE answers or service.

we are not buddys with all the answers(that are usually wrong) we are techs making a living.

man you make me SICK.

good luck in the real WORLD.