Jensen healey

does anyone know of a drive train which will go into a jensen healey (74) without major surgery? i don’t trust the engine, can’t sell the car, and would like to do SOMETHING with it. it’s in operating condition but i want something more reliable.


Is this one of the Jensens that came equipped with a Chrysler 383 engine? If so, that was a very good engine and you should be able to find one in a boneyard somewhere.

And, if it is complete with the original TorqueFlite automatic tranmission, that is one of the absolute best transmissions ever made. If you can find these components, they will be more reliable than a lot of other engine/transmission combinations.

The Jensen Healey used the 2L Lotus engine. The Interceptor used the 383. I don’t think I’d put a 383 in a JH. It would be way too nose-heavy.

OP, you might consider a 2L ford engine and manual transmission. Here’s a place to check out other JH’s:

Or a Miata engine and transmission?

The one with the 383 engine was the Jensen Interceptor (mid to late 60s), a real brute with 16" wheels and no power steering. It was bigger than the Jensen Healy. I had the pleasure to drive one at 125 mph on a 2 lane blacktop road; quite an experience!

i’ve been a member of the jhps for some time, i would rather keep it stock, but have not been able to find anyone in my area who is willing to do work on this car. some of the work i could do but not all. i have heard of chev. V-8 engines being used as an upgrade, but think they would be kind of heavy. i’m just thinking of something i could keep up myself.
i tried selling the car through jhps but all the jensen people tend to be tight fisted.
since it’s rear wheel drive i need something to keep in that spirit. it has been many years since i did any engine swapping so i need help.
OR, maybe someone on this board would be interested in purchasing this thing so i could go to something with a support base.

the jensen interceptor was, from what i understand, quite a hot rod. my car is the jensen healey roadster with the lotus power plant. cute, fun, fast and undependable !

I think you will find that Lotus used Ford engines for their starting point. Maybe a Duratec 4 might work.

o/k, enlighten me. i’ve never heard of a duratec 4, could you give some info on where to find out about those?

Yew, but what rwd version do we have over here? Here’s an option-check out what the lotus kit cars recommend.