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Jeep ZJ 1996

My 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee squeaks or chirps when I accelerate and when I cruise at any speed above 10mph. I’m thinking that it might be the front driveshaft beacuse i have all time four wheel drive, so it is always spinning. I was also thinking it could be a fan clutch or something. I dont know exactly where the squeak is coming from, somewhere up front maybe even a hub.

The symptoms you describe are vague. Does the noise change any when you apply the brakes? Because, my first guess would be the brakes. Another possibility is the double-cardon at the transfer case end of the front driveshaft. The driveshaft spins at 3.55 or 3.73 (depends on the gear ration you have) times as fast as the wheels. So listen for the frequency of the chirp/squeak (drive down a quiet street with curbs and listen with the windows down). Is it at the same repetition rate as the wheel rpm or faster?

The pitch of the squeak changews with speed. It also squeaks when I apply the brake. So my guess is that it is the driveshaft because it seems to me that whenever the car changes speed at all(putting tension on the driveline) it squeaks.

find a long down hill road thats quiet and when you are at a speed that it makes noise at, put it in neutral.

does the noise change?

with it in neutral apply the brakes. any change?

try it while turning. any change?

The only problem is i live in FL, the nearest hill is an hour away…haha. If I find a hill i’ll try

ok, you win about the hill part. but a long straight stretch where you can get some speed up, and the coast, in neutral.

i used to live in bradenton btw