2014 Jeep Cherokee squeaking/squealing noise from what sounds like front passenger side

My girlfriend’s Jeep is making a squeak/squeal, especially when accelerating but sometimes when braking or slower driving, from what sounds like the front passenger. We have taken it to 1 shop that said it was the rear brakes, they listened to it again and said it may be a transmission issue. Took it to a place that can do transmission stuff and an hour later said it was rear brakes and that it would be 130 for them looking at it. Is there anything else it could be? I just feel like the rear brakes is wrong, especially after the first shop took a second look and ruled it out.

You or anybody can guess all they want to, bottom line is the vehicle needs to be driven to confirm the noise, then racked and raised and a full inspection of the brakes (with the wheels off) as well as all the steering, suspension, wheel bearings, and while up in the air, inspect the axles, driveshaft if AWD etc etc including the exhaust for heat shields being loose and or rubbing…
But what would help probably the most is to use a set of chassis ears on the vehicle while driving to locate the noise…

$130 to inspect a transmission is a good price, there is a lot involved to it…

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Common sense says that’s the correct approach. the first check will be the brake pad wear indicator. That will make this type of noise if the pads are near their wear limit. Presuming your Jeep has disc brakes on the rear.

What’s the brake pad replacement history? Have the fronts already been replaced? If so, at what miles? And what’s the current miles?

It’s a 4 door. Have a passenger open rear door and stick head out at low speed and listen. Parking lot? Deserted road?

I would start with looking at the suspension bushings.