Jeep/Willis road trip

I visited the Gila National Monument Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico a couple of weeks ago and found a Jeep/Willis club in the parking lot. They were doing a photo shoot for a magazine and were on a cross country road trip. All the vehicles are in as close to “as found” condition as possible but repaired so they would run again. They are not restored or upgraded but do have some “customization” from previous owners. They are traveling at 45 mph. I made this video of them pulling out and shared it with the National Park Service.

Oops, its an .avi file. Carolyn can I get some help here?

Update, I uploaded to facebook and downloaded their file, mp4 format. Usually this works but not this time. Help?

Update 2, you can view it here. In the first post, the full moon hike, click on View 1 comment in the comments section.

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Just a taste

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Good photo, nice scenery . The small ones that look like standard military run-about jeeps would be the most fun imo. Another good thing, no code reader needed. :wink:

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When my boys were young and looking for great adventure I bought a Korean War vintage M38A1 Willis Jeep and went through it mechanically then added seat belts and a roll bar. It ran without a problem for 4 years and was fun to drive up to 45 mph. Above 45 it was dangerous even in the best of road conditions. It’s one of several vehicles that I wish I had never sold.