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Jeep that doesn't like bumps.... this can't be!

I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler that I love dearly. I have developed quite an attachment to this vehicle and have maintained it more proactively than most vehicles I have owned before. I’m disappointed though that it doesn’t like bumps. While driving it recently I found that when crossing bumps like railroad crossings and road blemishes of significant proportion the gauges on the dash zero out, if the cruise control is on, it immediately shuts off, and an apparent loss of power happens for but a very brief second or so, however, everything returns to normal thereafter. Anyone have any ideas of what I might do to determine how I might coax my Jeep into frolicking over bumps without having a momentary heart-attack. THANKS!!!

I’d start by checking and cleaning and/or reconnecting battery cables and engine ground straps as needed. You could also replace the fuses. One may be loose.

You’re faster…good advice ! Then take it to a garage if the fix isn’t that easy.

I have owned several Jeeps and the only way you can go over bumps is…sloooooowly. Driving fast over hard bumps will cause the problems you are having. If you do drive slowly then follow the previous advice.

An interesting development, I can’t find any loose fuses, and the battery and ground connections are solid and clean, but today, on my way to the store I noticed the A/C (Factory installed)compressor failed to engage, while the blower worked fine, pulling into the store (a bit of a bump) the previously mentioned scenario arose (not including the cruise control disengaging, since I wasn’t using cruise while pulling into a parking lot) only when everything came back to normal, the A/C compressor engaged and worked great… ice-cold…

You’re problem is most likely the display connector for the dash. It’s a common problem with the 97-99 TJ’s. There’s a TSB for it, but a good hit with the heel of the hand remedies it. I’m surprised you only have it wink. In my wife’s it just drops out and stays out.

I shouldn’t say that. The first time it happened, I was aware of the problem and hit the dash and said (something like) “feel my power”. For all I know it would have come back with another bump.

I would also suspect faulty ignition switch contacts as another possible source of this trouble. By tapping on suspected trouble spots with a screwdriver handle you may be able to pin point the trouble spot.