Jeep slow to start

Hi so my 2014 Jeep Compass is slow to start mostly when I start it in the morning. It sputters and then it sounds like the engine revs like 4 times before it fully starts. If I turn if off right after it starts right away. It’s mostly when I haven’t had it on for a good while.

What is the problem ?

Try building up fuel pressure: turn the key to Run (not all the way to Start) and listen for the fuel pump to run. After a couple seconds it will turn off. Turn the key to Off then back to Run. A few cycles of this will bring fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine. Turn the key to Start. Does the engine now start and run quickly? Good luck.

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I concur w/the idea above, likelihood of a fuel pressure problem. If the key dance isn’t diagnostic, might try some starter spray in the air intake. If it starts up immediately that way, very good chance of a fuel delivery problem. If this vehicle uses a fuel pressure regulator, it’s usually easy to check the vacuum hose connection to it. Just remove the vacuum hose from the FPR. If there’s gasoline inside the hose, or dripping from the FPR, the fuel pressure regulator is faulty.

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