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Jeep Pickup intermittent wiper issue


I have a 1988 Jeep comanche Pickup

I have an issue with the wipers

The wipers gradually become " cranky "

They develope a mind of their own and decide that they done want to return to their starting position

They begin to stop at 6 or 8 inches above their return point

So essentiall when you are driving and not using the wipers you are looking at a wiper blade in the middle of your windshield

Very annoying

I had this happen to another vehicle and I tried replacing the motor and a few other things and never could figure it out

Any help on this disobedient wiper issue would be greatly appreciated

If the wipers are stoping in the wrong position when you turn them off then there is a problem with the park switch position in the motor. Replacing the motor should correct that trouble.