Jeep Patriot cylinder misfire

I have a 2007 Patriot. When first purchased in March 2007, got 4 “check engine” lights which dealer said were caused by misfire in ignition cylinder. It happened again today and dealer in NC ran computer check, reset and told me to take to dealer where I purchased car. I’m getting mixed info. One tech says “don’t worry about it” One say “okay to drive for now but, take it in for service.” Is there something wrong with engine? Apparently there are no service packs or recalls.

Any Jeep dealer should fix this. You do not have to take it to the dealer that sold you the truck. That is a bogus answer. Any dealer will forward warranty repair costs to the Jeep factory. Document EVERYTHING they do and tell you. I have a feeling they are trying to wait out the warranty, so they can charge you for the repairs. But, if it is an ongoing problem starting under warranty, they have an obligation to continue fixing the problem under warranty even when the warranty expires. There is no way a check engine light goes on in a new car under warranty, and the problem is nothing to worry about. There is a problem, and they need to fix it.