Jeep GC A/C cool, but not cold

I have a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee that hasn’t been blowing cold air. I recharged the A/C with some refridgerant I bought from an auto parts store. Before I recharged it, the pressure wasn’t very low and the A/C showed no change afterwards. I then relieved pressure in the line to add more refridgerant hoping this would help, but it didn’t change anything. Before draining the pressure in the line, the compressure was going on and off. After filling with refridgerant, the compressure stays on once it starts. The compressure seems to be fine to me, but i’m not sure about the evaporator. Anyone have any advice? I prefer to do the work myself if i can, i don’t want to put much money into it.

So, you vented out R-134 refrigerant so that you could add R-134 refrigerant?

Yeah, it doesn’t sound right, but i figured maybe more newer refrigerant would help. The last time i added refrigerant was almost 4 years ago.

Refrigerant doesn’t wear out or get old. Each time you add refrigerant, you also add a small amount of air, moisture, and dirt. That’s not good. When you vent refrigerant, you also lose some oil. That’s not good either.

Lots of things beside low refrigerant can cause poor AC performance. Perhaps it’s time to have this correctly diagnosed.

Not to mention the fact that venting refrigerant is illegal and destroys the ozone layer.