Auto AC frosting


OK. Jeep Cherokee 2001, the last of the best Jeeps. A/C clutch was cutting in every few seconds. So got a kit and recharged it, first with a can of leak sealer, then a can of 134A refrigerent. Bingo, miracle cure. But now it is freezing up. After ten minutes of AC, the air flow decreases and the temp of the inflow air rises. There is ice on the evap and the lines forward to the compressor.

What to do. Do I need an AC pressure guage or something?


You need more freon in the system.


What you really need is to put a full set of manifold gauges on it and find out what the pressures are first.


You need to do it right and measure the pressure, check for leaks and then recharge properly, assuming that it does not need other repairs.