Jeep Compass vs Ford Expedition - Used Car Discussion

Hey there,

We’re planning to buy a new vehicle for our family - the two top choices after our research are Jeep Compass and Ford Expedition.

All things considered, what direction would you lean and why?

Thanks fr your time!!

Talk about apples and oranges :thinking:

Those 2 are not even in the same catagory and how do you expect someone on the web to know if either one will suit your needs .

@drawinyanes.igotcars_176804 You posted on 2 threads telling people what vehicle they should buy which makes me wonder why you need help .

Go with the Ford. It is a truck based platform.

The Compass is a Jeep based on a Fiat 500 car platform. Those are three strikes in my biased opinion, and not worthy of consideration.


years unknown, vehicles in different classes, unknown family needs…I would go with the Ford. Jeeps were never the most reliable vehicles on the planet, add the acquisition by FIAT (also not known for reliability)? Hard pass from me


Yes, that is a major omission…

Being acquired by Fiat is bad enough, but any 2016–or later–Compass sold in the US was manufactured in Italy, on the Fiat assembly line. Yikes! Talk about asking for problems…


Just my experience, I liked my old Jeep from the AMC era, but would not consider any Jeep from recent history.
Also my experience with dealership warranty and recall service prevents me from ever considering a product from Fiat/Chrysler.
I nearly gambled on a Ram, but then found an F150 at the same price.


The Jeep Compass is drastically smaller than the Ford Expedition.

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I’d go with the Explorer instead of the Expedition. An Explorer with the 2L Ecoboost engine is powerful enough as a family hauler and gets good gas mileage for the segment. The Expedition is immense, and unless you have a lot of experience with very large vehicles, it will be a difficult elephant to ride.


On multiple choice questions, it is often best to choose “None of the above”.


Definitely the Ford, given the choices.

The Jeep is considerably smaller, and Jeeps have a less than great reputation for reliability. Some might argue Ford isn’t much better, but…


jeeps are way over priced.

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Agree since a real JEEP has not been built for many years.

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Sure you don’t mean the Ford Escape? It’s really about what meets your needs but neither would be my first choice, The Escape’s a decent vehicle but I’d still prefer the Honda CRV or Toyota Rav4.

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Thanks a lot for your helpful advice and time!!

Thanks @weekend-warrior for helpful advice!!