Jeep cherokee

anyone out there have a 1999 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter inline 6 cyl. do you need a special tool to take fuel filter off.

The fuel filter/pressure regulator is held on to the fuel pump module with a retaining clamp. You will have to remove the fuel tank. It is expected to last the life of the vehicle or until some one throws dirt in your fuel tank.

Is your fuel delivery volume low? Low fuel pressure at full throttle?

I never change fuel filters (except the ones in the inlet of carburetors) as a part of routine maintenance. When a problem develops…I change it out. I’ve owned several Cherokee models and have never changed a fuel filter on any of them. That includes the 1985 model that my wife bought new and sold in 2005.

What are the symptoms?
What tests have you performed, or what diagnosis have you done?