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Jeep Cherokee - Wipers

I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee and the windshield wipers hit the trim of the windshield on both the driver side and the bottom of the window. It does not do any damage, but makes a really annoying clicking sound that drives me crazy in about 2 minutes (especially on high speed). Any idea how to fix that?

put on shorter blades.

If it’s hitting because the arc is not properly oriented, you may need to remove the wiper arms and reorient and reinstall them. I don’t know how Jeep installs theirs, but most are installed on a splined (often conical) shaft, secured by a nut, with a snap-on plastic cap popped over the assemblage. Often, after removing the cap and nut, the arm can be wiggled or tapped loose. Sometimes a bit of penetrating lubricant helps.

They are the correct size wipers, & due to the fact that they hit the bottom which is parallel to the blades, that would not help & I would have to be about 4 inches shorter to avoid the driver side trim.

They are actually easy to adjust on the splined shaft as there is a quick release mechanism, but all that does is alleviate the contact on the bottom & exacerbate the contact on the drivers side trim or the other way around, depending on how I adjust it.

It seems that there must be some way to adjust the width of the arc on the whole blade.

I think I understand now. You’re saying the arc length is too great. The only way I can envision changing that is by changing the point of attachment of the driven arm to the drive arm on the motor shaft to bring it closer to the motor shaft axis of rotation. I don’t know how to get there, or even if adjustment is possible.

Perhaps the Jeep dealer’s service department will print you a copy of the “exploded view” drawing that shows how all that is configured. I’ve had dealers’ shops do this for me and they’ve always been very happy to.