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Japanese/Chinese vehicle?

Just curious. I was in a line of traffic behind an SUV of unknown origin. I did not recognize the emblem. On the lower left hand side of the hatch was the name Dragon, on the lower right side of the hatch was the designation XT. I have never seen one before. I did a cursory search on the internet but could not find any useful information. Anyone have any ideas?

is this it?

As the image representative of tough guy, SUV-V3 inheriting the exquisite quality from Golden Dragon has the powerful off-road capacity with body-on-frame structure. Seven-seat arrangement, ubiquitous storages and adjustable rear seats make the spacious compartment. 245R wide tire, large size steel rim, ABS+EBD and seat belt reminder function reveal safety and carefulness. What’s more, seven colors offer the customers more choices.

Golden Dragon SUV-V3

I just have to ask…
Where in the world was the OP located when he spotted this Chinese-made SUV?
If it was in The US, that would seem to be an indication that the manufacturer is attempting to market their vehicles in The US in the future, and that they might actually try to have their poorly-engineered vehicles marketed in The US. That would be a quantum leap, but…you never know…

Others may differ, but at this point, I would trust a Chinese vehicle manufacturer’s quality and integrity even less than I would trust that our new President-elect will adhere to any of his campaign rhetoric.

Well, obviously the OP @Dakotaboy saw this in the Dakota’s, just have to know whether it was N or S :smile:

AFAIK . . . Buick recently started selling Chinese-made vehicles in the US

I think they’re SUVs, but I’m not sure

@BillRussell, I can’t be sure because I only saw the back of it, but it might well be. Regarding the other responses, I saw it in Sacramento, CA.

Yes, Buick is now selling the Chinese-made Envision Crossover/SUV in the US, and Consumer Reports was…underwhelmed…by it:

In any event, the OP stated that the vehicle he spied on a US highway was branded as a “Dragon” model, so I don’t believe that it was that new Chinese Buick.
I think that Bill Russell’s find is more likely to be the OP’s mystery vehicle.

Yeah, but the Buicks are designed in the US, only built in China so I’d generally trust them as much as I trust any GM car. Its the ones designed in China that can’t pass a crash test in the US or Europe.

But they look exactly like BMW’s and Porsches… :anguished:

As for Chinese SUV’s in the US, It most likely is a test vehicle for the Chinese or a comparison vehicle for Hyundai and Kia as they have a test track in the Mohave and a design center near LA.

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If that company has plans to market their vehicle in The US, they need to do a lot of real-world testing in this country, and as a result, I’m pretty sure that you are correct.

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My guess is that you may have spotted a vehicle on which the owner switched the nameplates to something they thought was cool, or that the Dragon is that model crossover’s name in another market. Just a guess. That name is not known to me.

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