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Jaguar XJ8 hesitation

my 2004 jaguar xj8 hesitation bad under load with no codes. At or between 1 and 2 on flat road. i replaced the following…intake manifold gaskets, all vacuum hose,the round 3 inch plastic pvc, all 8 plugs and coils, both vv cam sensors, both knock sensors, air flow sensor twice, all 8 fuel injectors, throttle position sensor. new throttle body but car still hesitates

This is one of those cases where you can’t afford to keep guessing . . . you’re going to break the bank

I advise you to find a a shop that specializes in diagnosis, perhaps a shop that specializes in Jaguar . . . in other words not pepboys. The dealer is not out of the question, in my opinion. They will have access to all the factory service information and the technical service bulletins. But a decent independent shop would have access to all that, as well, because they’ll have chilton, motor, alldata, identifix, or something along those lines.

Have you even measured the fuel pressure . . . ?

compression test?

does the engine at least idle normally?

You said you had no codes, but what are your fuel trims?

At idle, and under load?

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fuel 54
compression test great
idle at 600 prefect
codes 174…171

Did you have a question @Stephen_Paige ?

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