Jaguar dead cat - tensioners

Supercharged 8 cylinder engine 115,000 miles - 3rd generation tensioners worked! Passenger side failed. looked around,no apperant damage, reconnected and wont start. Some say its an oil pressure issue or clogged oil passage. tested the oil pressure pump, it was fine. Had this problem with the orginal tensioners where the passenger side failed, then replaced with 3rd generation tensioners and ran fine for 10,000 miles. I’m not sure its a clog unless that is the only reason for them to fail. A possible problem that I have had ongoing during both failures is a leaky valve on the passenger side. I get a periodic big puff of white smoke after the car has been run and started again after it sits for a bit. Antifreeze for sure, the valve is most likely not seating well. Again, other than that the car always ran fine. Is that the problem of why the tensioner is failing on that side? I think its that or a clogged oil passage. Any thing else I am missing?