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It's Not a Flat

I own a 2003 AstroAWD. When making a turn at slower speed it feels like I have a flat tire in the passenger rear tire. I have taken it to several mechanics but no one has fixed or figured out what the problem is. Mechanic #1 said I needed a new differential. Did not do it, but he offered to disconnect the awd so I would only have 2 wheel drive. Did not do that either. Mechanic #2 was the dealer he replaced a tie rod in front passenger, that did not fix what I am feeling. #3 said that my tires were not about the same age or wear pattern. Got 4 new tires. #4 replaced the clutches in the differential. #5 new brakes, did not fix it either, then took the differential apart again. We are stumped and I am running out of money.

It may be a problem with the AWD - is there a center differential? Did they put the correct fluid in the rear diff?

I believe there is a TSB about this, it’s a transfer case issue and there is a up dated fluid for the transfer case. Have the transfer case fluid changed.

this was the problem, funny when you go for that oil change no ever mentioned that this needed to be done faithfully every 30000 miles. I asked around and there were several who didn’t even know what I was talking about. Thanks for the help