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It Takes a villager

With my 1994 Mercury villager, on hot days with my family of four, and with AC on, and I’m in the Sierra foothills, for two summers in a row, my car lost power, stalled, and wouldn’t run. I had it towed to a mechanic in Tahoe who found no problems,but suggested that a vented gas cap could prevent vapor lock. He also said a lot of villagers and Nissan quests were towed there for several years with same symptoms. Anybody have any great answers?

I don’t think vapor lock happens anymore with fuel injection systems and fuel pumps in gas tank. Not sure about your 1994 though. Sometimes excess heat causes the ignition module to fail.

You culd have a weak fuel pump, a partially clogged fuel filter or a gas cap that IS NOT VENTED and fits tight, and does not allow any air in as fuel is consumed. The mechanic in Tahoe is off base on his anlysis.

In any case the fuel system on a vehicle that age should be gone over thoroughly to identify the problem. My guess is you have several roblems. I’m assuming that a 1994 vehicle hasover 200,000 miles on it and many items will need replacement soon.

How high in the mountains were you? Is it possible you were at an altitude that there was not enough oxygen to allow your vehicle to run properly?

3000 feet. After car sat on cooled off for an hour, I could get it up to 6000 feet, and then it stalled/lost pwoer. Ten I say for another 20 minutes.

125K right now. How would i find/order a vented gap cap?

So does it run fine after you get away from the “mountains”?

The original gas cap is OK and allows for air to be introduced as the fuel level goes down. You may have a replacement one that does not fit properly. You can try driving with the cap on loose and taping it down, to see if there is any difference. Your “Check Engine” light may come on but you’ll know why.

I do believe, however that your problem is something else, as others suggest.

yeah, though with a full load and any AC on , it’s a bit underpowered.

so replacing the fuel pump, fuel filter might work?