Isuzu Trooper 2000 Automatic Transmission

The Trooper 80000 miles. I think the transmission is bad. Are there people around who can repair transmissions. Is the repair worth it. I love the vehicle. Its otherwise in great shape.

what is going on with the tranny that makes you think its bad? the guys here need more information so we can better serve you.

Are there people around who can repair transmissions? Yup, they work at independent transmission repair shops. Look in the Yellow Pages, and you should find several of them in your area.

You would be well-advised to avoid any chain transmission shops like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, etc as these joints are notorious for telling you that you need a new/overhauled transmission when a minor repair is all that is necessary. Also, their prices are high and the workmanship is substandard.

Look for an independent transmission shop that has been in business for at least 3 years, and you are more likely to get an honest assessment of what type of repairs your Trooper might need.

The transmission light came on, Check engine light. After I stopped I only could get it drive in reverse or maunal 3rd gear. I could hear it trying to sync up but nothing. I had brought it to an AAmco dealer 2 years ago I don’t think they ever got it right. Plus on pick-up from them someone had shot out passenger side window but that a different story.

I Wonder how long these vehicles are good for with proper car and maintenance. I just had the brakes done. I owe nothing. So if I had to put a couple thouand in to get 2-3 years I would be happy.

Already thank you for the quick replys


It would definitely be worth having a good independent transmission shop look at it to see if your transmission is easily repairable. If it does indeed need a new transmission, a used one would be a good way to go. IIRC, these actually have a pretty common GM transmission, so they shouldn’t be too hard to fine.

These trucks can run a long time if well cared for. Some of them had a problem with engine ticking and high oil consumption, but even then if your kept the oil topped off and changed frequently they would keep running more or less indefinitely.