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Isuzu Stalls While Driving!

My girlfriend’s car has long been stalling while driving. This can happen on the highway, or at a stoplight. I can be pressing the gas, or in idle. The car starts right back up, and it will even start back up while driving. I was going 60mph this morning and turned her back on at 55mph. I can’t let her drive it, and don’t much like driving it myself. Please let me know if anyone has had similar problems or knows whats going on. BTW, its a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo, only other problem is fuel gauge doesn’t work right, may be related?? sometimes the needle goes up to “full” unprovoked, very strange.

Problem not related to fuel gauge. Check Engine light on?

Could be a lot of things. Is maintenance up to date? Fuel filter could be clogged, spark plugs, etc, etc, …