Isuzu Rodeo '94

My sister has a 94 Isuzu Rodeo, 3.2L, 4 wd. with 178k miles and writes this: Aside from a ticking noise that it has had for years, it?s been running fine, until recently. It had a cracked block, or so I was told. The mechanic replaced the ?O? rings and repaired the block. I got it back and now the “check engine” light is on, and he could not figure out why, there is some hissing and gurgling noise, that I hear coming thru a vent, no explanation for that! Then yesterday, I went to get gas, and when I was done, it wouldn’t start! It took a few tries and finally turned over, but I had to keep pressing the gas pedal to get it to finally stay running! Once running it?s good! other then the hissing noise! ugh! I’m thinking a hose is not connected or something to that nature, some where in that engine!! Don’t know if I will find it or not, but I am going to give it a shot! Anyone have any helpful advice?

The mechanic replaced the “O” rings and repaired the cracked block? No disrespect meant, but I suspect you’re description of the work that was done is somewhat in error.

Let me suggest that you have more than one problem.
I think the hissing and gurgling is probably air entrapped in the heater core or therebouts.
The starting problem could have a number of causes, even multiple causes, but I’d start by checking the fault codes and perhaps fuel pressure as well as checking for a leaky injector (I suspect this is throttle body injected, correct me if I’m wrong).

And if the mechanic can’t figure out what’s wrong, you can also start by changing mechanics.

I’m no mechanic, but upon further inspection I find the PCV valve connected to the wrong place, it’s on the cam, I think (top of the engine) and the vacuum hose is missing. You’re right about finding a new mechanic!