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Isuzu Rodeo 92 hard to shift

had a clutch kit installed 2k miles ago , bleed the clutch, and still hard to shift? any ideas

Maybe slave cylinder, some can be bled

How does it shift if the engine is off?

Has it been hard to shift for 2K miles, or did you just start having trouble?

can you shift it through the gears easily with engine not running and have problems only when running, esp in low gears? This could mean slave cylinder, incomplete disengagement of clutches will be like this…hope so, cause it is not too hard to get right. If stiff in shifter, the linkage and bushings get dried out and make it difficult, but with new clutch kit, I would look at the hydraulic clutch system.

Describe what you mean by “hard to shift.” Hard to move the stick, hard to press the clutch, hard to find a or any gear with the clutch depressed? Any noise when trying to do any of this, and if so what exactly are you doing when you hear the noise and can you try to describe it.

What happens if it is a warm day?