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I have a 8.1 liter and I am having a few issues.

1. The check engine light comes on during the season change. I have it cleared but know when I try and rev the engine it will not go over 3000rpm. I took out the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it and same problem. I have had the codes checked and it is the O2 sensor bank one number one that gives me the signal. I ran some Lucas fuel system cleaner thru it but still have some issues???

Need exact five character OBD code(s) to help.

Did not wright down the code but that is what they told me left side before the converter.
I hope that helps.

Sorry, but it doesn’t.
There are many codes the can apply to “left side before the converter” and they can mean very different things.

One wild guess possibility is that your left catalytic converter may be nearly clogged.

Did not wright down the code Many auto part stores will read the code for free. The code should be in the format “P1234”