Issues with Navigation System and Air Conditioning going out in stop and go traffic honda insight 2010

connection between Nav GPS system and AC on 2010 insight? When the Nav wont work, usually in heat and humidity and stop and go traffic, the AC also goes out? I read somewhere that there is an electrical connection between the 2 systems…HELP. BTw, the Nav system also failed once with the heating system in cold month…???

A chassis wiring diagram will show any connection that involves both systems. Does your owners manual describe which systems are protected by each fuse? That could be a place to start the troubleshooting.

It could just be a bad ground. There are a lot of places to look for one. The engine to body ground was a good one on GM and Toyota cars. I never had any luck on other makes. I had a cable with alligator clips and i would connect it to the engine and a fender bolt. Problems would go away and then I would clean up the regular grounding point or find the broken wire.