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Issues to look out for in the 2021 Toyota RAV4?

Any noted issue on 2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE? Thank you!

I would say too soon to tell. Hybrids and conventional gas models will have different problems and virtues.
In general RAVs are considered good, reliable vehicles.
My own policy is, at least during the warranty period, have all routine and required maintenance performed at the dealership and to keep all the documentation.
One note: I see more instances of Toyota dealerships attempting to “up sell” unneeded services. You might get lucky in having a dealership that does not engage in such practices.


This generation came out in 2019, so the 2021 should have any early production bugs worked out. I’m strongly considering the hybrid version, I don’t think there are any more-reliable competitors. I am also considering the Mazda CX-5, neighbor just bought one, likes it, and they have been a Honda family for 20 years.


Just got the exact same model this past October. No issues. Great car! Great engine, eight speed trans is seamless, lots of toys to play with, sunroof, heated steering wheel and seats, apple play and xm radio, voice command. Weather tech mats. Very happy with it.

Someone asks about a 2021 RAV4 and 13 hours later a new user posts a glowing review . This activates the suspicious part of my brain.

No. Not spam at all Mr Volvo.
This review was real.
By the way, I’m new to posting, but not new to this forum. I’ve been “watching” all you guys everyday for years. I feel like you’re old buddies. I just never post.