Is this transmission repair needed for safe driving?

I drive a 1996 Cadillac DeVille Concours with 126,000 miles on it. I drive less than 2000 miles per year…mostly highway. Cadillac dealer installed rebuilt engine 18 months ago costing $6000. Now the “Service Transmission” message shows up. Dealers diagnostic shows “input speed sensor” ($51) and
“gasket kit” ($315) needed…at 12 hours labor $1400 plus taxes…TOTAL approx. $2000.00!!! Question: Is this repair really needed for safe driving?
I was told that only optimum gear changes would be affected resulting in slightly lower gas mileage. What say you?

You need to go to a reputable transmission guy. Is it leaking transmission fluid? If not, get the ISS fixed and move on.

The ISS may be inside the transmission. It is common now. Just did one on another car the other day, it was mounted to the top of the valvebody.

Did not attach in first post.

The labor time is 11.8 hrs

Thanks guys!

I’d say let it go. Might do a ATF fluid drain and refill though and a new filter. Thats just to insure a longer life for the transmission, but I don’t see an economic recovery of the investment for the repair.

I agree with @keith . That $6K investment in the engine put you so far down the hole that you can never recover so just drive the beast until it dies.

Well no wonder @SteveC76, was having problems with that tranny.

There’s two loose bolts …get wrenchin buddy!!!



Considering that the Cadillac dealership installed a genuine GM rebuilt transmission 18 months ago, I’m surprised they’re trying to charge you anything

Most factory rebuilt transmissions seem to have a fairly generous warranty, a few years, I believe

I would remind them that THEY installed the transmission themselves 18 months ago, and show them the paperwork. Ask them what the warranty for parts and labor is.

Even if they refuse to do this repair for free, you should get an extremely hefty discount. Ask nicely, and they might meet you halfway, or better

Lol. I do feel bad for the customers now, sensors like this used to be fairly simple to get to and most of the time outside of the case. The ones I just did paid 10 hours warranty time.

@db4690, it was the engine 18 months ago, not the trans. Any trans problems are not under a current warranty.



Anyways, I’m wondering if this car is worth an expensive transmission repair

It seems to be turning into a money pit in a hurry, and it can’t be worth all that much

Just because somebody spent $6000 to install a rebuilt engine, doesn’t even mean the car is worth $6000

And spending big bucks to fix the transmission isn’t going to drastically increase the value of the car

No offense intended to anybody

@db4690; that was a rebuilt engine 18 months ago.


Sorry, I’ve got to watch what page I’m on.


Yeah, I know

My eyes aren’t what they used to be . . .

I see what I want to see, not what’s actually there

Thanks again guys…I will “nicely & respectfully” ask the Cadillac dealer to fix transmission with a hefty discount. If not agreed to, I will take to Tranco repair for a fluid flush and refill…and drive with care…until this old caddy reaches “car heaven”.


I misunderstood, because my eyes were playing tricks on me. I got the engine and transmission confused

Anyways, if you nicely ask the Caddy dealer to give you a big discount, ask them to do so because you’ve been a good customer and spent a lot of money there

While changing the fluid and filter is a good idea, a flush might not be a good idea