Is this really a good deal?

I found a used car dealership that is selling a 2007 Toyota Yaris with 12,000 miles for $9995, which is a great price (they have it on the lot for $13,500 and said the $9995 is an internet special)! However, the Carfax report shows that, right before the last owner gave up the car, they took it to a Toyota dealership to have the electrical system checked. It does not show that any repairs were made. I’m concerned that electrical problems can sometimes be hard to diagnose and the last owner ended up deciding that the problem was more trouble than they wanted to deal with. Does anybody have any advise?

I would not fret much. Carfax report’s are very general and this car is under warranty.

Take this for a long test drive, Yaris’s are not the most comfortable cars and the Corolla/Camry is like moving up to a luxury car. It is not Toyota’s premium product by any means.

I have known two disappointed owners of this car.

Check for realistic pricing on this car.

Good luck.

There is not enough information to price it for you. If it is a loaded Yaris S with auto transmission, it’s worth that price. It could easily be worth $10,000 or less, though, depending on the trim level and options. Tell us what options are on it, the transmission, and the trim level (coupe or sedan, base or S) and we can help you.

Price considerations aside, you should be aware that the Yaris is not the “preferred” small economy car.

A better-performing choice would be the Honda Fit, or even the Nissan Versa. The Versa does have some reliability issues, but overall it is a better-performing car than the Yaris. Another good choice is the Hyundai Accent, which you would likely find for a lower price than the Yaris.

We have heard from a number of people on this site who are not happy with their Yaris, and Consumer Reports does not recommend the car, despite its good reliability.

Am I correct in understanding that you found this on the internet?

In addition to all the other valid reasons posted, you should also be wary of any vehicle you cannot test drive and have checked by your own mechanic.

I think you’d be smart to keep looking…locally. One source most people forget when looking is family and friends. Let them all know you’re looking. You might discover that someone you know has a deal that really is a good one. Perhaps gandma or an uncle is thinking about getting rid of their car.

The interior on the 07 Yaris is really trashy. Cheap. The shift gate is worth a quarter or any negative amount of cash that you care to name. When you name a car, it would be good to say whch model, hatchback or sedan. It makes a big difference in price.

I know someone who has a Yaris hatch and is very happy with it. He wasn’t expecting power, refinement, or comfort with it. I think that’s why he liked it.

On the other hand, we have this:

I think the biggest mistake was that the OP did not test drive the model of car he or she bought. They then realized the car’s quirks (IIRC they could not reach the passenger side and roll down the window and stuff kept getting lost in the space between the cupholders and seats or something like that). Also, they hated the seat pattern.

Test drive the model you are going to buy.