Is this Fan Blower Motor Resistor problem on 2003 Crown Victoria?


I have a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with climate control system. Last November or so, the fan began to work intermittently then quit working. So, I went around in the cold for some time, then it suddenly began working again about a month ago. Now, it’s dead again. When it worked, I can set it at any fan speed I want. I understand that blower motor resistor controls the fan speed, so when it is bad, the fan usually gets stuck in the highest speed. But I also heard that it is a common problem in Crown Victoria. It’s 9 years old, but I only have 60,000 miles on it. The car was in showroom condition when I bought it about 6 months ago. It has had only one owner before me, and it was always garaged.

What you describe sounds like a bad blower motor. Set the fan speed on high and under the passenger side dash take the handle of a screwdriver and bang on the blower motor. If the blower starts working replace the blower motor.


I’m not sure on this model of Crown Vic but many Fords with climate control do not use a resistor. They have a blower control module instead. Sometimes the wire connector on the module will burn and this is usually due to a worn and dragging blower motor.

If you change the blower motor inspect the module connnector at that time. These modules are usually located right near the blower and the glovebox must be removed to access them.