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Is there a vehicle you can stand up to drive?

I have a back problem that prevents me from sitting for more than a few minutes. I love to drive, but this puts severe limits on how and where I can go. Is there any vehicle that one can drive while standing up? Or, is there any way to retrofit a vehicle for stand up driving that would be street legal?

Failing that, does anyone know of a car that is comfortable for a passenger who has to recline? I’m talking recline flat, without any angle between the seat and the car back.

Thanks for your help.

There might be a vehicle out there you can drive standing up, but I doubt it would be road legal to do so. Airbags are designed for a seated occupants and if you’re standing, then that changes the whole design of the car.

Old milk trucks and UPS vans.
Or a Segway or T3motion.

Let’s invent and market one :slight_smile:
I can envision a vehicle about the size of a smart car but taller.
You’d essentially stand but lean back against a ‘‘standing seat’’ which would allow proper belts and head restraint.
And, unlike the Segway and T3, this could be a four-wheeled enclosed vehicle for all-weather and hiway operation.
But , much LIKE the Segway and T3, it could have hand controls to allow steady standing.

Start with your moniker and call it the ''Verticar".

The Divco milk truck allowed the operator to stand up and drive. The accelerator could be operated by a knob on the column mounted gearshift. I am not certain whether there was a hand mounted brake or not. I don’t think these trucks have been produced for years. I assume, however, if you could find one, that it could still be licensed for road use.

Modifying anything would take a tall vehicle like the vans mentioned.
Then think in terms of the stand-up amusement park rides when thinking about the seat size, shape, and construction.
It sounds doable.

Check with mobility mod shops like those who fabricate damn near anything for adaptation. From wheel chaired drivers to hand controls and lifts, these people have the fabrication expertise.

This sounds like a job for Monster Garage and other simmilar TV shows.
e-mail them with this challenge, maybe you’ll get on TV.

A company that modifies Vans for the disabled could do this for you. A stand up seat used in offshore racing boats would be what to use. Hand controls on the steering wheel would be needed. Room for you to stand will be the only problem to over come.

How retro cool would that be.
Restore and modify a vintage milk truck
Got Milk ?

Thanks Triedaq,couldnt think of Divco to save my self esteem-Kevin

As I remember, the Divco milk trucks used a Continental Red Seal engine which was also used the the Checker commercial vehicles until Checker switched to Chevrolet engines in the late 1960s.

An old school box van is probably your best bet, unless you could find a shop that will modify a car/truck for you to kneel in. That would give you a lit of options

We have some popsicle trucks playing monkey and the weasel driving through our neighborhood that the guys stand up in!

Congrats to Triedag.
Right off the bat I thought of Divco and was wondering if anybody else would.
Refuse trucks presently use this design.

I thought about the milk trucks but couldn’t remember the name. The kid across the street drove one in 1957. I know it was 1957 cause he had just bought himself a new Chevy after he got his job with the dairy. Hope he got it paid for before they went belly up. I don’t recall ever being inside one but seems to me it had pedals on the floor. Couldn’t have had them all on the floor though since most people only had two legs and I’m pretty sure they were not automatics.

There are plenty of vehicles that you can drive in a vertical or semi vertical position being manufactured today. The call them motorcycles.

“Mantis” at Cedar Point.

Farmall F-20, at times we would drive them standing up. A bit slow for the Interstate.

The last time I toured Amish country, I saw a guy operate his horse-drawn cart while standing. Maybe you should get yourself a horse and buggy? I know the simple life seems appealing to me at times, and the thought of giving up my car, my job, and all the things that are giving me stress can seem quite appealing.

Regarding Keith’s motorcycle comment, I can see standing up on a bike while going in a straight line, but I wouldn’t be comfortable leaning into a turn while standing unless I had some stunt rider training.


Here’s another thought.
When buying a vehicle to modify and adapt…
The milk truck UPS/bread/ice cream van idea will keep all nay-sayers off your back because that type of vehicle is so often seen as ‘‘normal’’ when being driven standing up.
No one will look at you sideways.
No one will think that’s strange.
–even the po-po…won’t go …‘oh no’.
And BAM! you get your adaptation , your way.

…and all the little kids will stop you to ask what flavors you have ;)))

Google ‘‘milk truck conversions’’ and look at lot of great ideas for a complete conversion, nice seats for passengers, interior, paint job, engine upgrade etc.