Is there a thread for camping?

Hello, Jack here…

I’m trying to find info on camping, is there any discussion on this forum for that?

In a forum for cars? No, but you can try here:

Hi @Jack_T60‌, thanks for writing. Though we get a fair amount of questions about pulling campers, Car Talk requests that the forums be used to discuss car topics, as broad as that can be. I know there are a number of regular posters here who do enjoy camping. You’re free to discuss it privately, or on each other’s walls, or in another setting, though.

The last time we camped was at Disney World. On a particularly humid morning my wife came out of out of our pop up and said that was it. No more camping. I pulled the trailer home, took it apart, and sold it for parts.

What kind of camping might narrow your google search for such forums.
Like cdaquilla said about this site, here we talk about the towing and hauling aspect.
If you’re hiking and tenting, that would be a different forum that an RV and trailering site like Camping World.

Here , you can get great advice about the outfitting of your tow vehicle, which tow vehicle, brakes and tires and GVW, oh my !

well there you go. camping would be a great addition. we camp. I know at least one person here has some cabin stories that I d like to hear. who knows, maybe the person who put up the announcement for suggestions will read this and make it so…

you should ve just started the thread without asking. we talk about all sorts of stuff here…
oh no, that s not right…

in fact, cartalk had a thing on facebook not too long ago asking folks to send them pictures of their camping rigs… so it must be ok… right?

I m confused, don t mind me… :slight_smile:

I think jesmed and ken have made some good suggestions, Jack. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread, and I wish you luck in finding a good place to discuss it.