Is there a locking fuel door for 2018 Toyota 4Runner?

Is there a locking fuel door or locking gas cap available for the Toyota 4runner2018?

To avoid any emission or warranty problems, I would suggest you ask your service writer when you go in for your next oil change.

Why? Is there a pressure issue with a locking gas cap?

Could be, that’s why I suggest talking to your service writer, or you could visit the parts department if you wait for your oil change. I don’t mess with anything while a vehicle is under warranty.

Probably not necessary If you check with the service department your vehicle has a non siphoning feature. My 2018 Ford does not even have a gas cap just a door.

non siphoning would be great also, unfortunately, my concern is also vandals putting things INTO the gas !!!

I would love to find a locking fuel door in black or chrome for my 2000 toyota 4runner 3rd gen

The OP was asking about a car that is still under warranty…your car is long out of warranty, so you can probably find one with a simple Google search or by checking out a parts store

Lmfao a simple google search oh that’s funny cant find a keyed locking fuel door on google which is why I posted it on this forum 2000 4runner after market stuff its not easy to find but I appreciate the responce

Most part stores carry lockable fuel doors for fords and chevys but never seen an toyota stuff

I was surprised that my 2014 Tiguan didn’t have a locking fuel door, but then i realized that it locks/unlocks along with the doors

Are you sure yours doesn’t do the same? .

The 2nd picture looks promising, also a link to a 4Runner specific forum :wink:

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Be careful. I got a locking gas cap for my '83 GTI, from the dealer. Turned out is was for the (German-made) Jetta, It let liquid gas leak out of my car, onto the floor of my garage, which was adjacent to my (gas fired) water heater. Lucky there was no BOOM!

I did that google search the rectangle locking fuel door is for a 2011 Ford f250 you actually have to click on links and all the links I have tried says does not fit a 2000 4runner but thanks for trying