Is there a ghost in my Accord?

My wife has a problem on her 2001 Honda Accord. The radio changes channels by itself! We will be listening to a sation, when the radio moves up .2MHz. It is alwys up and alwys .2MHz. This happened 3 times on the 10 minute drive home. Does my Accord no longer like NPR?

Aaron in Wichita

Yes, it’s on strike against KMUW. Try KHCC.

Seriously, it probably has something wrong with the station selection circuit, or the button that you push to seek another station. Best buy on North Rock Road or West Kellogg has better units than the original equipment starting at around $100. If you spend over $99, installation used to be free. I don’t know if that’s still true.

.2 MHz is the spacing between FM stations. Each station has 100 KHz sidebands (to allow for Muzak channels).

I would say that dirt and/or moisture has collected in the button that changes the station up.