Is the security system the problem?

Hello, Have had our 2002 Protege LX (5-speed) in the shop twice recently. Both times due to the battery failing after not running the car for about 3 days. Shop determined there is nothing wrong with the battery, the alternator, and they aren’t able to replicate the issue. They tell us the car is fine, no charge. ??

Other work done recently was 2 belts were replaced, otherwise she has always been super-reliable; it has under 60K original miles.

There is an after-market security system installed, brand name is Cobra. It was installed about 16 years ago and hasn’t caused any
Issues over the years. Could the Cobra be croaking? Lol Sounds like a good title for a song! :slight_smile:

Please advise; I missed my Dr. appt. this morning because the battery was dead. No struggle to turn over, nothing.
I appreciate any and all feedback and ideas. I’m lined up to have a new battery installed on Friday out of desperation…but am not 100% certain that will fix my issue. Thank you! Laughter1966

Disable the security system . If that solves the problem then leave it off . Also purchase one of those rechargeable battery jump packs , it can always come in handy for you or a friend.


Check the battery cables to make sure they’re in good condition, and that the connections aren’t corroded or loose. Do this first. If it solves the problem you don’t need a new battery. It couldn’t hurt to disconnect the security system but I think your cables are more likely to be the source of the problem.

Absolutely the alarm could be a problem. Disconnect it and your battery problems will likely go away.