Is the repair worth it

I have a “93” Ply with only 33,000 miles. the engine is great but due to old age the a/c died and the radiator is going. I was going to hold off but now I’ve had a minor collision and the rt fron bumper needs to be replaced. it will be about $1000. should i fix it or look for another used car???

How much is a 93 Ply worth without a working AC an a bad radiator and needed body work? Now add the cost of doing those repairs. That is what you now could have. Compare that with other equivalent cars and how much they will cost you. Remember that other cars may have other things about ready to go, like your radiator that you will not know about until after you buy it.

Do you need AC where you live?
How bad is the “minor” bump?

The radiator needs doing, but if the engine, drivetrain, brakes, chassis, and body are all decent shape, it meets your needs, and your budget is tight, I have to ask if you really need to fix the other items. It’s 16 years old now. Cosmetics don’t matter anymore.

What is your car worth now with no a/s and a bad radiator? What might be wrong with any other used car you might consider? Remember someone is going to end up with your car, maybe you will end up with a car with the same problems you have with your current car.

If it has ever over heated just 1 time I would worry.
They are real bad for head gaskets going bad.